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Explore Our Comprehensive Anal Wellness Services Anal Bleaching

Anal bleaching involves using a chemical, not bleach, to lighten the skin around the anus. The skin around the anus is high in melanin deposits, which is a natural pigment in the skin. The anal darkening can result from a variety of reasons, such as genetics, hormonal changes during pregnancy, and friction. Common causes of friction include tight clothing and prolonged sitting. Lightening unwanted pigmentation in the skin around the anus can improve self-esteem and confidence during intimacy.

During the first session, the cream is applied to the anal area in the office, and the patient will be monitored for 30 minutes to ensure there are no adverse effects. The patient will then be sent home, and the cream will be left on for a total of 10 hours. The second session occurs one week later in the office to inspect the area. The patient will then be able to apply the cream at home nightly for one month.

Anal bleaching is a very safe procedure. Risks include rash, acne, scarring, skin ulcers, and thinning of the skin. Anal bleaching is not permanent, and you may need a touch-up every 6–12 months.

 Preparation for the procedure.

  1. Do not have sex- intercourse of any kind (vaginal or anal) should be avoided 2-3 days before the procedure.
  2. Do not remove hair prior to the procedure.
  3. Wear loose, comfortable-fitting clothing.
  4. Abstain from sex for at least three days after your first session.